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The Ohio River Valley Llama Association is one of the oldest llama associations in the country.  It was founded in 1980 to provide camaraderie and the sharing of information among llama owners in the Ohio River Valley area.  ORVLA has been known for years as an organization where people have fun and enjoy the life of llamas.

TOPLINE, ORVLA's quarterly newsletter, keeps members current with informative articles, fun events and great photos.

Members and their llamas are active in parades, nursing home and school visits, church camps, and many other activities too numerous to mention.  In addition, ORVLA is known for promoting llamas through llama shows.  There are more llama shows in Ohio than in any other State!


The Ohio River Valley Llama Association

Share your story with other Llama Lovin ORVLA members.  Your story will appear in the next TopLine Issue.  


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Hope to see you at the ORVLA Show!!