The Ohio River Valley Llama Association


Sept 2022
President's Message 

Here it is September 1st 2022.  Where has this year gone?? There is starting  to be a chill in the air on many of the mornings. This summer gave us periods of very dry and then very wet. CRAZY !!

This was a great year to get out and go to shows near and far and it seems that many of our members did just that. I feel ORVLA was well represented at any of the shows our members attended.

This edition of Topline  includes the 2023 membership form and your registration for the  Christmas meeting on December 3rd at Union Hill Church.

I have reached out to some of our other Ohio shows and groups to give the organization a review of their show and what is happening in their area. I would really like to see more of our members share what is keeping them busy in their daily lives and llama lives. Remember this is your organization and your publication. Email information to 

There has been a decision made to combine the final Daffodil Classic show and the annual ORVLA llama show. The dates for the show are April 29 and 30th 2023 at the Coshocton fairgrounds. This will be a double halter  and single performance show. Moving forward it will be the ORVLA CLASSIC LLAMA SHOW.  What a great way to start the Ohio show season in 2023!!  We hope to continue to keep this show growing as one of the first shows of the year.  Watch for more information on the ORVLA website and in the next issue.

 See you in December

                                                                          Your President,
                                                                          Janice Schilling