The Ohio River Valley Llama Association

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From Char Arendas, DVM - ORVLA Board President 2019

We are ORVLA - The Ohio River Valley Llama Association - we are owners, breeders, FFA and 40H groups, and camelid enthusiasts.  While most of us have llamas and alpacas at home on our farms, some us us are retired from the camelid community but some of us don't even have camelids at all - we just love them and the people that care for them!  Most of our members live in Ohio or surrounding states, but that is certainly not a membership requirement.  As an organization, we try to offer educational information and events to our members.  

Topline - our quarterly publication - contains a wealth of knowledge!  If your 4-club or farm has news to share, if you have new cria pictures, or even if you have an interesting story or helpful llama hints - PLEASE submit these via email to our editor Shani, or to any board member.  Board member emails are listed on this website.  We are always looking for fresh material to publish. 

Our annual llama show will be held at the Coshocton County Fairgrounds on Saturday May 4th, 2019.  Entry information will be available in Topline and on this website.  Tricia Schneeberger will be our halter judge and our performance judge is Joy Bishop.  Elaine Brovont's 4-H group from Indiana are graciously setting up the performance course! 

Deb Arendas and Linda Newton will once again be organizing the summer fiber sort.  Although this is not an official ORVLA-sponsored event, you will find many of our ORVLA members there!  This year's sort is June 8th at Rushar Meadows in Beloit, Ohio.  Watch Topline for updates on this event. 

The PLAA (Pennsylvania Llama & Alpaca Association) will be hosting a fall hike at Peace of the Shenango Llama farm (Anne & Jim Hallowell) in Greenville, PA on Saturday September 7th.  They have invited ORVLA to join in on the fun!  Watch for updates on this fun event. 

The annual Christmas party will be in December at Union Hill Methodist Church in Sugarcreek, Ohio.  If you have ideas for a speaker or program for this event, we'd love to hear your suggestions. 

Keep in mind that this organization exists for you - llama lovers.  We would like to help increase attendance at events and also make these events relevant to your needs.  Please - if there is something you'd like to see us do - contact us!

Have a great 2019!

President Char Arendas, DVM​