The Ohio River Valley Llama Association

       Sitting here in my warm cozy Sugarcreek home on this miserable freezing rain 3rd day of February I can only visualize all my camalid friends on their farms either dealing with the ice or the snow.  This kind of a day makes all the outside chores so much harder. I am sure all of you are doing a great job of taking care of the animals in your care. I am hoping no one has to deal with power outages.
      On a brighter note I keep seeing that spring is not all far off and by the time our Topline is published this winter weather will be loosening its grips. Spring will be having everyone thinking of shows and choosing the animals to prepare for the show ring. 
       On Jan 14th the board held our in person meeting at my home. We welcomed Renee Tarr and Bev Frye as new members and was happy to have Kris Miller continuing as a member. It was a busy afternoon with discussion for the year 2022 and our upcoming show.

         Due to a date conflict at the fairgrounds our ORVLA show date needed to be changed to May 14th at Coshocton. I am pleased we were able to still have Mike Haumschild and Elaine Brovont be the judges. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend as an exhibitor or as a friend. I am so looking forward to the Daffodil Classic in the spring and all the other Ohio shows that are available to attend. 

      We are all feeling the loss of several of our llama friends over the past several years. These losses make the memories that much more precious. Please be willing to follow guidelines with covid and stay safe and healthy so that we will see everyone in the upcoming months.
   Take care
 See you soon